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Zombie World

Every Damned Thing About Zombies

Yes, we know how weird it sounds, but this really is a reality show, starting Tuesday August 8 on Netflix, that seems to star actual real-life Korean reality show stars stuck in the first outbreak of a zombie apocalypse.

So do they know it’s fake? Like in Stars on Mars or whatever? Well… it seems like it’s more like Jury Duty, where some of the players might be in on it, but others may not. And as usual, Netflix isn’t letting out any real info. You can check out the ‘glimpse’ that’s on the Netflix homepage, or just listen to the amusing audio we have here.

This isn’t the first time somebody has tried to marry reality TV with the zombie apocalypse. There was Dead Set, a British series released way back in 2008, created by Charlie Booker, who went on to to Black Mirror, It was kind of amazing — actually filmed on the UK’s Big Brother set of the time … and unfortunately, it’s not available to buy or rent anywhere, but it’s out there. Then there’s 2020’s Reality Z, which is closely based on Booker’s British show. That you can watch on Netflix here, though you can’t buy it at the moment.

The most annoying and exciting thing: as of this writing, we don’t know if Netflix is going to dump all the episodes at once or feed them out a bit at a time (they’ve done both with some of their past reality-show hits). If it’s weekly, Samantha Luck and Brad Munson are going to do an every-Wednesday after-show about Zombieverse for all nine episodes. Hell, we may even do those if they dump them all at once, who knows? We’re crazy that way.