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As We Know It, a suburban zombie “comedy”, is now on Prime Video

There was a fair amount of noise about As We Know It, a small latter-day Shawn of the Dead  rework, about a zombie outbreak in 90’s Los Angeles triggered by bad soy sauce (no seriously … and even that’s a bit of a retread: let’s not forget Cooties,  a near-classic about a zombie outbreak at a nondescript elementary school because of horribly tainted chicken nuggets). The premise serves as a jumping-off point for some ‘hilarious’ commentary on self-involved … Californians?. Middle-class people? Humans? — that generally kind’a fell flat. Less than 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, complete with a horribly inevitable critic’s comment: “A lifeless comedy.” Hah. We get it.

As We Know It has now been released for streaming – apparently only on Prime Video and Vudu. We’ll post a review in a bit, but if it’s there if you want it. The very quiet end to a very eventful year, deadishly speaking.

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