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NAKWON: Last Paradise is a brand new zombie survival game coming in 2024 from ‘Dave the Diver’ creators

Mintrocket, the game developer who launched Dave the Diver, one of the biggest game-hits of ‘23, isn’t wasting any time: they’re planning on the launch of a brand new game – a zombie survival game, no less – next year. In fact,t they’re launching a pre-alpha on November 28.

Nakwon: Last Paradise, promises to be very different from Dave The Diver. This one is a third-person view “Player vs Everyone” stealth-and-survival game set in Korea, where the player infiltrates a city full of (AI-driven) zombies with other survivors (ie, other players). Players live inside a “safety zone,” are graded at every level, and have to make money for rent and better equipment.

Mintrocket’s last game, Dave The Diver, was one of the best-reviewed games of the year, scoring better than 90 on both OpenCritic and Metacritic. It was even nominated for  The Game Awards and three different Golden Joystick Awards. Let’s see if lightning can strike twice.

A little teaser trailer was just released to give us a taste…

… and though they’re saying it’ll release in 2024, They haven’t given an exact date yet.

You can learn more about the pre-alpha test here.


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