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The Coolest, Most Grotesque Bloody Bath Mat Ever

Okay, it’s not just a bath mat for zombies. It can work for any horrifically-minded hoarder. But face it: it’s too cool to pass up.

If you look at it when it (and you) are perfectly dry, it’s bright white and pristine. But when you step out with wet feet… you leave a bloody footprint, then stays that way, only fading as the mat dries and returns to an unsullied bright white. Then it does again. And again. Over and over, while overnight guests go screaming into the darkness. Even better, It works for hand prints and even random splashes of water-to-blood.

What more could you want at Christmas?

We’ve used this to freak out more fragile family members and hesitant house guests than we can count – an investment that keeps paying off. And all that nasty joy for only $25.

You can order it on Amazon here … or go visit ZombieGiftGuide.com for a whole bunch of zombie-themed bathroom accessories, from toilet seat covers to toilet paper holders to a lovely chandelier made of skulls!


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