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Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Geroge A. Romero started it all in 1968, with his micro-budget black-and-white horror movie about a bunch of strangers stuck in somebody else’s house on the first night of the first outbreak. More than 55 years later, it still holds up, and it remains the source of most of the tropes and ‘rules’ we think of when we think about zombies at all… even though the word ‘zombie’ is never used in the movie.

Brad and Sha re-watch the classic, share some of its secrets and try to take a fresh look at the first, the best, the only real Night … where it all began!

Get the Blue-Ray of Night right here.

And see/hear a bit more of the off-Broadway Night of the Living Dead Musical here.

… or visit the Mall of the Living Dead and look at all Sha brought us this week (see below!)


Episode 101: Welcome to Zombie World, The Night of the Living Dead, and the Mall of the Living Dead!

This Week’s Mall of the Living Dead:

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Brad & Sha

Sha Sims
brilliant and talented
Zombie newbie

Brad Munson
grizzled know-it-all Zombie “expert”


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