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George Romero’s Twilight of the Dead In Pre-Production

George A Romero's Twilight of the Dead, previously unfinished screenplay is now in pre-production stages with Brad Anderson onboard as director. You know, poor dead George A. Romero, the mastermind behind the 'one zombie film to rule them all' - Night of the Living...

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Living Dead is now a manga, an anime, AND a live-action series on Netflix.

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Living Dead has been a super-popuilar manga for years. Now it’s an anime, AND a live-action series on Netflix.

Zombieverse, a reality show set in the zombie apocalypse, premieres Tuesday, August 8 on Netflix

Yes, we know how weird it sounds, but this really is a reality show, starting Tuesday August 8 on Netflix, that seems to star actual real-life Korean reality show stars stuck in the first outbreak of a zombie apocalypse.

“The Last of Us” gets 25 – 25! — Emmy Nominations

I guess we were wrong the whole time. This ‘zombie’ thing? Just a flash in the pan. A fad. A phase we go through, like teenage acne or disco. Except… Except that certain zombie movies, certain zombie franchises, have withstood the test of time in film, print,...

Final Episodes of “Fear the Walking Dead” begin October 22

We’ve been waiting for months – literally, months – to find out the ‘final’ fate of the FtWD crew. Now we know when, at least… if not much more.

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