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Every Damned Thing About Zombies
I guess we were wrong the whole time. This ‘zombie’ thing? Just a flash in the pan. A fad. A phase we go through, like teenage acne or disco.


Except that certain zombie movies, certain zombie franchises, have withstood the test of time in film, print, broadcasting… and now in streaming. And it’s never been more obvious and powerful than in The Last of Us, the all-out amazing miniseries on Netflix, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, that exceeded every single expectation in terms of storytelling, performance, design, and … well, in every way.

That’s why The Last of Us has been nominated for no less than twenty-five Emmy Awards, in just about every category you’d expect – performances throughout the series and in individual episodes, in make-up and production design, in editing and sound editing, and on and on. We won’t give the full list here, but if you’re interested, check out And yes, both Pascal and Ramsey got noms. Of course they did.

Writers’ and actors’ strike, the Max re-branding mess, and the madness of streamers in general all notwithstanding… this is a remarkable piece of work that deserves the attention and will certainly withstand the test of time, no matter when the second season appears. Meanwhile, there is an excellent 4K version in BluRay and DVD available at reduced prices on Amazon, right here, or at

The Emmys were supposed to be awarded in early September, but the WGA and SAG/AFTRA strike has put it all on hold. The Emmy folk haven’t officially announced it, but they have told all their vendors their services won’t be required on September 18. When the Awards will be announced and/or celebrated is anybody’s guess at the moment … but in many ways, The Last of Us in particular and our much-maligned subgenre in general can already celebrate a big win.

Congrats, The Last of Us.