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Is Frankenstein a zombie?

FrankensteinAll right, it’s time to ask the Big Question: IS FRANKENSTEIN A ZOMBIE?

Well … yes. Depending on your definition of “zombie,” of course (and please, let’s not get bogged down in the tiresome, “It’s Frankenstein’s Monster, you know, not Frankenstein.” Trust us. We know. It doesn’t matter.)

Think it through. Frankenstein is an amalgam of limbs and organs from dead folk, reanimated by lightning (or somethin’). Key words here: Dead. Reanimated. And his, to put it kindly, limited cognitive skills closely match that of, say, Bub from Day of the Dead, one of your more classic post-Romero “Dead” sequels.

Poor ThingsSo yes: we at Zombie World International HQ come down firmly on the YES side of “Frankenstein’s Monster = Zombie”. And that’s even more relevant now as we look at upcoming zombie movies for 2024 … with Poor Things, starring the ever-remarkable Emma Stone, appearing in theaters in early January.

Poor Things, based on the novel by Alasdair Gray, is basically Bride of Frankenstein without that annoying male counterpart, and with the names changed to protect the innocent. But it affirms the world’s continuing fascination with returning from the dead – in whole or in part – and promises to be just the first entry in what promises to be a fascinating year for recreational resurrection. We, personally can’t wait.

Just don’t ask us if a hot dog is a sandwich. We don’t talk about that around here anymore. Blood has been shed.

What zombie entertainments for ‘24 are you looking forward to? We’re making a list and checking it twice…

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