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Every Damned Thing About Zombies

Hello again! Welcome to Episode #2 of Zombie World.

Zombie World, the podcast about every damned thing re: zombies and zombie culture, is going to be doing storytelling as well as… whatever the rest of that stuff is. This week, we give a couple of quick bites about the Zom 100 live-action movie and a bit more about the announced but far-off sequel to I Am Legend (cockadoody!). And we premier Part One of Live and Direct from the Apocalypse, what we hope will be an ongoing serial about four folks that somehow manage to survive – at least for a while – in a very different and very persona zompoc. Hope you like it.

In Episode 102, we talk about:

The live-action Netflix feature adaptation of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Living Dead, which doesn’t really work all that well (too bad!).

We’ve talked about Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead already, but we wanted to follow up on the critical reaction to the new live-action movie. Now we’re a little sorry we did. Anyway: remember that the manga series is still out there, and you can read the newest editions one line for free at viz.com. You can also buy the paperback version through Amazon or ZombieGiftGuide.com for about $12 a pop, right here. The much-more-fun-than-the-movie anime series is unfolding on Netflix and Hulu, so – trust us on this one – if you love you some Zom 100, stick with the comics and cartoons.

There’s going to be a sequel to I Am Legend, and … Will Smith will be starring it it?

Not a reboot, not a prequel, not an imaginary story! Looks like they’re going to rewrite the ending of the 2007 Will Smith film so Smith doesn’t die after all (?) We talk about that sinful retcon, invoke the spirit of Annie Wilkes from Misery, and mention the various other adaptations of Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel Last Man on Earth and The Omega Man – as well as the 2007 version that is the first to use the original name of the novel. And you can click on those links to get any of ‘em, as well as find them streaming on everything from Max and SyFy to TruTV.

And then finally:

Part One of Live and Direct from the Apocalypse

where you’ll meet Hannah Keyes and her dead Mom for the first time, even as a very odd version of the zombie-infested end of the world unrolls all around her. We hope you like it; it’s only one of a whole set of one-shots and series we plan to premiere in the weeks to come.


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See you next week!