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Well, hello there. Welcome to Episode #1 of Zombie World.

Zombie World is exactly what it says: a podcast about every damned thing about zombies and zombie culture. We cover the latest in movies and TV shows, sure … but also books, comics, video games, audiobooks, old movies and new movies, and a huge amount of things that zombie-lovers have to have: T-shirts and hoodies and costumes and makeup and lawn sculptures and posters and board games and toilet seats – yeah,, toilet seats – and on and on.

This week, in Episode 101, we covered the following in our newsy-news up-front “Quick Bites” section:

The Last of Us has been nominated for 25 Emmy Awards:

There is an excellent 4K version in BluRay and DVD available at reduced prices on Amazon. Check zombiegiftguide.com for details.

Zombieverse, a reality show set in the zombie apocalypse, premieres in August on Netflix

It seems like it’s more like Jury Duty, where some of the players might be in on it, but others may not. You can check out the ‘glimpse’ that’s on the Netflix homepage, or just listen to the amusing audio we have here.

This isn’t the first time somebody has tried to marry reality TV with the zombie apocalypse. There was Dead Set, a British series released way back in 2008, created by Charlie Booker, who went on to do Black Mirror,

Samantha Luck and Brad Munson are going to do an every-Wednesday after-show about Zombieverse for all nine episodes. Hell, we may even do those if they dump them all at once, who knows? We’re crazy that way.

The Final Episodes of Fear the Walking Dead begin October 21

We’ve been waiting for months – literally, months – to find out the ‘final’ fate of the Fear the Walking Dead crew. The final six episodes begin Sunday, October 22, immediately after the oddly conceived (to say the least) The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. That means the series finale of Fear the Walking Dead will air Sunday, November 26. Yep: Thanksgiving week. And then, gosh, I could be weeks before another of the endless stream of spin-offs show up in 2024.

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Living Dead will appear as a live-action series on Netflix in August, joining the anime series and the original manga.

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead has been a popular Japanese manga series since it first premiered in 2018. Currently there are 14 volumes, with more to come. And anime version appeared earlier this year, and is currently available on Hulu and Netflix … and now Netflix is offering a live-action version beginning August 3rd. Click here to take a look at the trailer for the live action trailer.

Night of the Living Dead is also an Off-Broadway Musical

Here is the audio, hiding on ZombieWorld.net. And here is one of the best bits on YouTube, and it will lead you to others.

From does everything write that The Walking Dead: Dead City can’t quite pull off.

Dead City can be watched episode at a time on AMC or through Amazon or iTunes, and the Blu Ray is already available. The first season of From is on MGM+, or you can buy individual episodes for a buck-ninety nine on Amazon. Unfortunately, the equally interesting second season is only available by subscribing to MGM+, one way or the other. But hey – keep this quiet, but … you can sign up for a 7-day free trial to MGM+, which gives you plenty of time to watch both seasons, all twenty episodes, and then decide if you want to but the subscription or not… if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

The Zombie-Themed Bathroom

Sha Sims showed us:

A lovely three-tiered skull chandelier made with 20 life-size skulls.

Above: a dripping blood “toilet topper,” and below a toilet cover .

This little 14-inch zombie statue that’s actually a toilet brush and matching holder!

A Set of Three “Shambling Horde” Anti-Slip Mats.

Zombie Toilet Paper Holder, a nice big ugly undead head looming over the paper roll. Literally scares the shit out of you. $36 from DWK!

A Blood-Soaked Three-Piece Towel Set!

Zombie Shower Curtain: The Zombie Behind the Door

Zombie Shower Curtain: Splatters and Splashes of Blood

Murder Mats: Bloody Footprint from Damp Feet

Zombie Balls Bath Bombs

Zombie Rubber Ducky

If you get everything listed here, you can have every item in the awesome Water Closer of Horror for only $1,000! give or take ten bucks (and delivery). Or even less! Skip the skull lamp, and every else combined is less than $275! It’s the zombie-themed bathroom of your dreams – or dreams! — available now!


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