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Zombie World 4

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Be-waaare! It’s Episode #4 of Zombie World.

Zombie World, the podcast that covers every damned thing (literally!) about zombies and zombie culture, is back with another round of news, views, and tasty cultural tidbits. This episode, we talk about a possible new movie from a treatment by the Father of All Zombies, George Romero, a new feature film based on R.L. Stine’s YA horror classic Zombie Town, news about Champions of the Undead, a totally cool online zombe-slaughter tournament, and more!

Right here in Episode 104, topics include:

A new feature film based on R.L. Stine’s Zombie Town is hitting theaters Friday, September 1.

Take a look at the trailer here

or buy the (very different original book, still in print, here.

Champions of the Undead, a totally cool online zombie-kililng tournament, is already underway.

Learn more at their website here.

.. or jut watch their rockin’ trailer, here.

Some folks are trying to sell a nice big house in Colorado as the “perfect house for the zombie apocalypse.” We don’t think so.

Check out more about the house here, but … hey, nice house, right?


Black Summer is one of the best (and often overlooked) zombie apocalypse TV series.

Cat Bentley, our resident bartender and Stephen King expert, tells us why.

You can watch it on Netflix, or buy both seasons here.

and here are some of our first followers, and fellow podcasters we shout out at the end of this episode:

. Jerome Caskets, a horror artist, can be found on Instagram at @casketarts, and the shop is here.

Halloween Hauls, a horror shopper, is on IG at @halloweenhauls, and on YouTube here.

Listeners of the Dead podcast is on IG at @listeners_.ofthedead_podcast

The Undead Symphony Podcast is on IG at @undeadsymphonypod

Random Number Generator Horror Podcast Number Nine can be found here.


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See you next week!