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Look Out! It’s Episode #3 of Zombie World.

Zombie World, the podcast that covers every damned thing (literally!) about zombies and zombie culture, is back with another round of news, views, and inarticulate post-death groaning. This week, Z-Risen, Timothy Long’s zombie action series premieres its seventh book, Generation Z, a new zombie TV series starts to bubble up over in the UK, and were tell you all about actual job opportunities for the shambling dead at an amusement park near you! Not to mention a whole bunch of good reasons to avoid Zombieverse and eight different ways to decorate your house and front yard like you just rose from the grave. Enjoy!

In Episode 103, topics include:

The seventh book in Timothy Long’s zombie apocalypse series, Z-Risen, has just been released.

Go grab Tim’s newest book, Z-Risen: Outbreak, here

or take a look at Tim’s entire amazing output here.

Now you might actually get paid for stumbling around the graveyard and groaning like a maniac.

Six Flags amusement parks all around the country are looking for actors and dancers to haunt the park this fall during the annual Fright Fest days.

Check out the details here.

Dennis Wheatley, the director of Meg 2 and some other very odd things, is bringing us a zombie series next: Generation Z.

You can stream Wheatley’s current classic, Meg 2: The Trench here on Amazon,

or pre-order the DVD or BluRay here.

You can watch Wheatley’s Two Episodes of Dr. Who with Peter Capaldi right here.

Watch his dark pandemic fantasy (is thee any other kind?) In the Earth, right here

Catch his contribution to The ABCs of Death here.

Experience – there’s no other word for it – Ben Wheatley’s A Field In England.

Zombieverse: Not Really Worth It

But don’t take our words for it. You can alwayZombieverse: Not Really Worth Its sample Zombieverse on Netflix, here.

Or try a good version of the zombies vs reality show promise: Reality Z on Netflix, here. (You can’t buy it at the moment)

Make the most zombieriffic front yard ever with these seven awesome and appalling items (and a whole lot more):

Inflatable, Reusable Body Bags

Five feet long, about $16 each. You get one black plastic bag, and a roll of silver tape and about a meter of long rope with each bag. Just blow it up – pump not included. — and then wrap the tape any way you want. You can hang it from a tree or just throw them around the yard. Then when you clean up, you can let the air out, store them, and use them again! Want to make them twitch? Put a little radio-controlled car underneath it and move it around a little whenever anybody comes near. You should see them jump!

A Zombie “garden gnome,” emerging from the earth

He’s holding a lantern and looks like he’s digging his way out. A little small, more like an evil garden gnome than a big ol’ statue, but if you put him in the right place… Just $23 for years of screaming guests!

A unique buzz-cut zombie statue with horrible, horrible eyes

Much bigger than others listed, dead white and crawling up out of the ground. From Design Toscano, one of the best in the lawn-ornament biz. Crushed stone bonded with resin. More than 31 inches a side, 8 inches rising up.

A life-size, noisy “electric” zombie:

Five feet tall, but it looks bigger. We think this was a woman when she was alive, who ran into an electrical fence and went all … undead? Now she carries the fence around with her, and she’ll makes these horrible shock-noises and crackling and even lighting and thunder if you even touch her. $90!

A friendly little … torso?

Another noisyi zom coming out of the ground who’s also motion activated. It just lays there until you get up to close and then … Gah! Only $37, complete with the glowing red eyes.

A garland of… dismembered hands and feet?

Life-sized and rotted and fully sculpted. with bright red LEDs between them, so the whole string can be put up high, for the best mood lighting ever. Only $14 a string!

A 3-D Door Treatment to Die For

The zombie is forcing his way out from behind some kind of chain link, with one hand grabbing through. It’s about 32 inches by 20 inches, so it fits any standard door. Polyester, nice and light, with grommets that make it easy to hang. And only $11 each!

and take a look at a whole separate list of door and window treatments

that can make the front of any house or condo or ruined slag of a warehouse look extra-super spooky in that special zombie way here.


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