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Every Damned Thing About Zombies

Remain Calm! It’s Episode #5 of Zombie World.

Zombie World, the podcast that covers every damned thing (literally!) about zombies and zombie culture, is back with more and better news, views, and schmooze a la zombie.

Episode 105 includes:

Twilight of the Dead, a new feature film from a treatment by zombie godfather George A. Romero, has acquired a director.

Maybe it really is goiong to happen. Brad Anderson, director of The Call, The Machinist, Session 9 and more has signed on. You can read his impressive resume here

or buy the (very different original book, still in print, here.

Stephen King’s classic zombie novel, Pet Semetary – think about it – is getting a prequel..

Its called Pet Semetary: Bloodlines, and shortly after we recorded this segment, Paramount+ released a trailer! See it here.

... or read up on the cast and crew here

We had plenty to say about the first episode of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

If you aren’t a subscriber to AMC+, you can buy the individual episodes on Amazon here. And look for some special “quick bites” in our podcast feed re: Episode 2 and beyond!


ScareHouse, one of the coolest Halloween haunted houses in the U.S., just gave an award for the Ultimate Zombie!

Read about it here, and read about ScareHouse in general – even buy tickets! — here!

and here are some of our new followers and fellow podcasters that we shout out at the end of this episode:

. Angela Snyder, with some of the coolest posts around,can be found on Instagram at @AngelSnyder436, right here.

The Dreaming Insomniacs! Podcast! YouTube! Live Online Events! Check out there linktree here.

Horror in Real Life! Lawyer turned horror director? Too cool for (law) school. Follow the adventure on IG here.


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