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We’ve been waiting for months – literally, months – to find out the ‘final’ fate of the FtWD crew. The time-jump of the last season has widely been felt to be… unsatisfying? Pointless? Frustrating? Those are words. But despite all odds and logic, we do want to see where they’re going to take and leave Madison, the last remaining member of the original family from Season One, Episode One, even though she’s transformed into an entirely new character since her return, and to Daniel Salazar, played by the redoubtable Ruben Blades, whose character also deserves better. And of course there’s Morgan. Good ol’ Lennie James, who has been doing the job and slinging that staff for years and years, in both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. Here, too, the time-jump did not serve the character well, but we still care about Morgan almost more than anyone. What will become of him?

Regardless: the final six episodes begin Sunday, October 22, immediately after the oddly conceived (to say the least) The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – what we have to call “Daryl in Parys” around here. That means the series finale of Fear the Walking Dead will air Sunday, November 26. Yep: Thanksgiving week. And then, gosh, I could be weeks before another of the endless stream of spin-offs show up in 2024.